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Master GC

Nowadays, the enormous growth of the number of samples to be analyzed per day is challenging the laboratories worldwide. Hence, the more stringent analytical requirements demand to speed up the gas chromatographic analyses.

Fast GC is the most valuable analytical approach to address modern laboratories’ demands to significantly enhance sample throughput, while reducing operational costs per sample and obtaining the results in an attractive shorter time.

The MASTER  GC delivers unsurpassed analytical capabilities meeting today’s laboratories productivity requirements. The versatile and flexible MASTER  GC is uniquely designed to perform conventional and fast gas chromatographic analyses fulfilling the demands of routine and research analyses over a variety of industries and applications such as environmental, agriculture, food and beverage, flavor and fragrance, petrochemical, and pharmaceuticals among others.

The system can be equipped with an array of inlet systems and a wide selection of detectors, suitable for conventional and Fast GC analyses. The system integrates leading edge technology with total system control delivering outstanding reliability, repeatability, and performance.

In combination with the MASTER  AS Liquid Autosampler, the MASTER GC offers complete automation of all operation steps, providing increased sample throughput and optimized vial processing to achieve maximum system productivity. The analytical precision is further increased through an extremely flexible handling of standard solutions.

A touchscreen display permits the total control of the MASTER GC and MASTER AS, providing also the quick and easy set up of all operating parameters. Moreover, the system can be fully controlled by the simple and effective ClarityTM Chromatography Station, starting from sampling to acquisition, data processing, and reporting.

Split / Splitless Injector - SL/IN

The most popular GC injector features an outstanding design and thanks to the patented DFC provides excellent precision in split, splitless, and pulsed injection modes of operation. In addition, the post-injection carrier gas save mode is a valuable cost-saving feature. TU fulfill the user’s analytical needs a series of liner types are available, including liners suitable for SPME analysis.

Programmable Temperature Vaporizer - PTV

The proprietary PTV is particularly suggested when high sample integrity is requested. The sample is introduced by cold injection followed by vaporization eliminating possible sample discrimination or degradation.

The PTV achieves extremely fast heating rates of up to 1,000 °C/min and rapid cool down with ambient air. Cryogenic cooling options using either CO2 or N2 are also available for highly specific applications.

Packed Injector - PK

The sample can be directly introduced into packed or wide bore columns. A flexible injector for affordable solutions.

Flame Ionization Detector - FID

The most used GC detection system measures the ions produced by organic compounds during combustion. It is extremely sensitive with a wide dynamic range of seven orders of magnitude.

Thermal Conductivity Detector - TCD

Most of the early GC instruments were equipped with thermal conductivity detectors. They have remained popular, particularly for packed columns and inorganic analyses like H2O, CO, CO2, H2 and all inert gases.

Electron Capture Detector - ECD

The first option for environmental measurements, offers excellent performance in the determination of PCBs, pesticides, and other halogenated organic compounds.

Nitrogen-Phosphorus Detector - NPD

Due to its selective and sensitive response to nitrogen and/or phosphorous containing compounds, the system is commonly used to detect pesticides, herbicides, and drugs of abuse.

Flame Photometric Detector - FPD

Selectively detects compounds containing sulfur or phosphorous. Outstanding performances can be observed in the analysis of sulfur compounds in natural gas and organophosphorus pesticides in agriculture, food flavor and fragrance applications.

Master TOF MS Plus Detector

Performs fast acquisition rates (1,000 spectra/s) and wide linear range. In combination with Master GC, the system is the ideal solution for Fast GC and GCxGC analyses. In addition, the its proprietary software solution is based on an innovative platform for acquiring and processing mass spectral data. Original deconvolution algorithm capable to handle the large amount of information in a smart and effective way permits reliable identification of trace compounds even in complex matrices.

Master AS

Autosamplers are responsible for the first steps of an analysis and can significantly increase result repeatability and extend analytical capabilities. The MASTER AS Liquid Autosampler, a robotic X-Y-Z coordinate sampling system, delivers superior flexibility, repeatability, and performance to increase sample throughput and meet each laboratory’s changing workload.

The easy to use liquid autosampler is totally controlled through the MASTER GC touchscreen. Analysis can be performed unattended by using the straightforward interface to set all parameters and the AS Sequences. Unlike built-in autosamplers, the extremely flexible MASTER AS features three separate and removable 2-mL vial racks for a total capacity of 160 samples.

Furthermore, 10-mL and 20-mL vial racks are also available for a capacity of 65 samples. Screw, crimp, and snap top vials can be used according to the users’ needs and convenience. The autosampler has a capacity for up to five 10-mL solvent vials and up to five 10-mL waste vials, presenting numerous solvent possibilities to eliminate carry-over. Additionally, the sample trays are far from the GC oven, preventing possible sample degradation and solvent evaporation caused by heat exposure.

All injection parameters can be optimized according to the laboratory’s needs, the sample type, and the application. The MASTER AS allows the utilization of up to seven different syringe capacity types ranging from 5 μL to 500 μL, offering a great choice of injection volumes from 0.1 μL to 500 μL. The syringe can be easily exchanged by using the Syringe Replacement function, which brings the Y axis of the MASTER AS to a handy position.

The MASTER AS presents unmatched injection capabilities. The same vial can be sampled up to 100 times and the sample can be introduced into three different injectors without requiring autosampler re-alignment or any calibration procedure.

Master DHS

A Dynamic Approach to High Sensitivity Headspace Analysis 

Extending Sensitivity for a deeper characterization of samples 

DANI Master DHS Dynamic Headspace Sampler provides you with the most sensitive and versatile system for headspace analysis.

In Dynamic Headspace Sampling technique, samples containing volatile organic compounds are placed in a closed vial and after thermostatting and initial molecules’ partition the headspace is purged by a constant flow-rate of inert gas for a fixed time. Volatiles are swept from the headspace and transferred to an adsorbent trap where they are cryofocused and concentrated. At the end of the concentration step, the trap is rapidly heated, the volatiles are desorbed in back-flush mode and sent to the GC column.

When compared to Static Headspace sampling, Master DHS presents two main advantages:

  • the extraction step is no longer dependent on the thermodynamic equilibrium between the liquid/solid phase and its headspace. It means that extraction is less affected by the sample matrix. This benefit is particularly evident for compounds that show high solubility in the matrix and consequently low sensitivity when the Static Headspace approach is applied.

  • Increased sensitivity for all analytes as a larger amount is extracted from the sample, concentrated and injected, compared to the Static Headspace approach where only a fixed volume of gas is sampled from the vial.

Master DHS can be used for both liquid and solid samples. Furthermore, it provides analysis of sample “as is“, without requiring the use of solvents for extraction and concentration purposes. This increases the sensitivity and eliminates any concern about solvent toxicity and solvent disposal problems when compared to a liquid extraction technique.

Master P&T

The Innovative Way for Water Analysis

Delivering Performance in Regulated Environments

DANI Master P&T – Purge&Trap Sampler offers the most reliable, high performing Purge&Trap volatiles extraction technique for ultra-trace VOCs analysis. 

With its innovative design, Master P&T eliminates any risk of carryover and significantly improves chromatographic efficiency. Excellent analytical performance is guaranteed by the instant desorption trap that assures the complete transfer of the analytes and their injection into the analytical column in a very narrow band to preserve chromatographic resolution.

In order to maximize purging efficiency and minimize the migration of water to the GC or the GC/MS system, the innovative Dew Stop device efficiently removes water maintaining volatile compounds recovery unaffected.

The use of a precise flow of inert gas through the original and specifically-designed needle enables the volatiles to be swept from the sample and focused in a sorbent packed trap. The instrument configuration and process design allows a smooth extraction without the formation of foam. Analytes are then thermally desorbed and introduced into the gas chromatographic column. The highest recovery of the volatiles and the optimal injection result therefore in an unmatched sensitivity.

Master P&T fully complies with the official norms requirements ensuring at the same time superior analysis performance thanks to the accurate and precise control of the entire sampling process, along with the automatic standard addition, the overlapping incubation time capability, and the absence of cross-contamination.

The intuitive control through the software offers an easily management of all the operating parameters and analytical conditions offering a completely automated solution and allowing the unattended analysis of up to 65 samples with the true fastest cycle time in the industry.

Master SHS

Innovation arises from a deep-rooted tradition

The capacity to design and provide the most flexible, accurate, automated headspace system comes from a rich and long tradition in innovation. The culture of innovation is a legacy carried over more than three decades of real and proven experience in Headspace sample handling. This is the background that originated the new DANI Master SHS Static Headspace Sampler.

Static Headspace sampling technique is the most commonly used technique for the analysis of volatile and semivolatile compounds. The new Master SHS is a very flexible system and can be applied to the most widely differing sample matrices.

Among its benefits:

  • limited or no sample preparation

  • no contamination risk

  • reduced danger of false results

  • diminished inlet or column maintenance

  • outstanding sensitivity

  • completely automated analysis

  • easy to use

  • highest sample throughput

  • absence of artifact or sample degradation

  • robust and trouble-free design

Master TD

Ultimate Solution for High Sensitivity Detection of Volatiles

The DANI MASTER TD Thermal Desorber offers superior sensitivity, versatility, and productivity for the extraction of volatile and semi-volatile compounds from air and solid matrices.

The excellent analytical performance of the system is guaranteed by the two-stage thermal desorption process and supported by the patented “Instant Desorption” of the trap. This design assures the complete transfer of the analytes and their injection into the analytical column in a narrow band to preserve chromatographic resolution and accuracy.

Solid samples are placed directly into the sampling tubes, while gaseous matrices are sampled into tubes filled with one or more sorbent materials or sampled straightly onto the trap by using the MASTER Air Sampler, which automates the sampling from ambient, gas streams, canisters or sampling bags.

When compared with liquid extraction, the higher recovery of the volatiles and their optimal injection result in unmatched sensitivity. MASTER TD offers an outstanding increase in sensitivity (up to 1,000 to 10,000 times) and a superior desorption efficiency (over 95 % recovery of all volatile compounds). In addition, the technique benefits from the reduced sample manipulation and the cost-effective reutilization of the sampling tubes. The fully automated control of the system provides high sample capacity and optimal sampling tube processing for maximum system productivity.

The intuitive control through the TD Manager software offers a complete automated solution. The easy and flexible management of all operating parameters and analytical conditions permits unattended analysis of up to 50 samples.

The MASTER TD, combined with the MASTER GC, is the solution of choice for air monitoring (indoor, workplace, and ambient air) and for the analysis of soil, polymers, packaging materials, etc.

In addition, the MASTER TD meets and exceeds specifications given in the U.S. EPA (TO-14, TO-15, and TO-17), as well as other international regulations.


Productivity has become of vital importance in most modern laboratories.

The automated and unattended processing of a larger number of samples per day is the real challenge to increase productivity and reduce cost/analysis.

Additionally, Fast GC has resulted in a very effective way to address this challenge providing a significant decrease in the analysis time.

However, when a positive identification is mandatory and mass spectrometric detection is needed, Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOF-MS) is the only technology capable of properly describing very narrow chromatographic peaks due to its fast acquisition rate, independently of the mass range of interest.

DANI Master TOF Plus MS detector performs the fastest acquisition rates (up to 1000 spectra/s) and the widest dynamic range available on the market.

DANI Master TOF Plus is now even more sensitive to match demanding analytical requirement. Approaching the SIM mode sensitivity of common quadrupoles, the new Master TOF Plus is extremely suitable to detect analytes at trace levels, keeping the additional benefits of the full mass spectra information always available.

These capabilities are offered in a truly affordable and extremely compact bench-top instrument.

In combination with the Master GC, the system is the ideal solution for Fast GC and GCxGC analyses to obtain improved productivity and performance.


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